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Premix Cocktails

Discover the perfect blend of craft and convenience with our handcrafted ready-to-drink premix cocktails or mocktails. Made exclusively with the exceptional spirits from our very own distillery, each sip is a journey through the art of taste.

Welcome to Owl Man Cocktails, where we bring our distillery's legacy directly to your glass.

Looking for something to exceed your clients' expectations?

At Owl Man Distillery, our cocktails/mocktails are exclusively available on a contract basis. We take pride in tailoring our recipes to perfectly suit our clients' unique requirements. This personalized approach ensures that every sip of our handcrafted cocktails is a reflection of your distinct taste and vision.

Not thirsty yet? Well our cocktails will last on your shelf for 6 months, so you can save them for a rainy day!

Contact us below for more info.

Cocktail with Lime


At Owl Man Distillery, our passion for mixology knows no bounds. We're dedicated to the art of innovation, constantly crafting new flavors and concoctions. Stay tuned, as Owl Man Distillery has an exciting array of handcrafted cocktails ready to ignite your taste buds and elevate your drinking experience. Cheers to what's brewing on the horizon.



Envisioning a world where the excellence of our distillery's spirits is a symbol of refined taste, shared moments, and memorable celebrations. We aspire to be the catalyst for crafting remarkable, easy-to-drink, and ready-to-enjoy cocktail experiences across the globe

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