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Savor the essence of Macau with every sip of our gin. Our award winning gin is a unique fusion of Asian and European botanicals, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the city. Distilled with care, this gin captures the vibrant spirit of Macau, blending exotic spices and herbs from the East with classic botanicals from the West. Each drop is a celebration of Macau's rich history and traditions, expertly crafted to bring the city's essence to your glass. From its sweet and spicy notes to its bold and herbal flavors, our gin is a true representation of Macau's cultural diversity. So, raise a glass and embrace the spirit of Macau today.

Vapour infused with Lotus flower


As a symbol of Macau’s everlasting prosperity, we thought it fitting to use the lotus flower botanical to make this gin truly Macanese. We have created this fine gin by infusing the best botanicals in our custom-built copper still.

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Your first sip of our top-shelf Macau Original Gin will ignite your taste buds in a burst of juniper berry. This is followed by a more balanced herbal and earthy taste of our asia botanicals. Before your next sip, you’ll experience a smaller burst of crisp and refreshing spicy citrus which will have you craving your second glass in no time.


We recommend a simple tonic water so as not to spoil the perfect G&T. Because we believe all of the flavours are already balanced within our bottles, a light citrus garnish is the only extra you’ll need.

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