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Diamond cut Gin

The Exclusive Gin  


"Diamond Cut" is the term used to describe the small, select portion of the distilling run that is hand-selected by our head distiller for its exceptional purity, quality, and bright, delicate flavors. This rare and highly valued portion represents the very best of our gin and is only a small fraction of each batch. Due to its limited availability, only a few bottles are made from each batch. 
Enjoy the exquisite taste of our "Diamond Cut" gin, crafted from the most refined and flavorful portion of our distilling process.

We can normally only capture 2 bottles of Diamond Cut gin per distilling batch.

What are "Cuts"

Distilling cuts in gin refer to the process of separating the different components of a distilled spirit based on their boiling points. During the distillation process, the distiller makes cuts to separate the "heads," "hearts," and "tails" of the distillate.

In the case of gin made from neutral spirits, the heads and tails cuts are less important, as the neutral spirit has already been distilled to remove the undesirable compounds. The focus is then on capturing the desirable flavors and aromas during the infusion process with botanicals.

The hearts cut is still important in this process as it represents the portion of the distillate where the desirable flavors are most concentrated. In the hearts cut, the flavors and aromas of the botanicals change throughout the run. The initial portion of the hearts cut may have a stronger juniper and citrus flavor, while the middle portion may have a more pronounced earthy and spicy character. Towards the end of the run, the flavor profile may shift towards more herbal notes, and finally end with floral aromas.

Overall, the distilling cuts process is critical in the production of high-quality gin. By carefully monitoring and adjusting the distillation parameters, the distiller can create a product with a consistent and desirable flavor profile. The hearts cut, in particular, is crucial to capturing the essence of the botanicals and producing a gin with complex and balanced flavors.

  • A dry gin designed to make a fantastic gin and tonic.

  • The first gin ever distilled in Macau while using a Lotus as a unique botanical

  • This gin was about combining traditional gin botanicals and traditional Chinese medicinal herbs; this fusion has created a beautifully balanced and flavorsome gin.

  • We distill this gin in our custom made carter-head copper still named Stuart. Stuart was named due to its visual resemblance to the cartoon character "Stuart" the Minion!

This GIN
  • Hungarian Juniper

  • Indian Coriander seed

  • Cardamon pods

  • Grains of Paradise

  • Angelica root

  • Liquorice root

  • Tangarine rind

  • Grapefruit rind

  • Lotus flower

  • Rose

For information on our botanicals, Check out our Botanical page.

Serving suggestions

At Owl Man Distillery, We are a big fan of the classics. 

Find below what we think makes our gin shine.

The Classic Gin and Tonic:

We have added all the flavours you need, to make the perfect gin and tonic, without the fuss.

  • 45ml Macau Original gin

  • 200ml Non-Flavoured Tonic

  • Garnish with dried Lemon or Orange.

The Owl Man Negroni:

  • 30ml Macau Original Gin

  • 30ml Sweet Vermouth

  • 30ml Campari

  • Plenty of ice

  • Garnish with Orange rind

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